Birthplace - Museum - Johann Gregor Mendel

Who would have thought that Johann Mendel would be born in Heinzendorf, today in Hynčice, in Moravské Kravařsk, today in the district of Nový Jičín, in Lower Silesia, today in the Moravian-Silesian Region, in Austria-Hungary, today in the territory of the Czech Republic. In the middle of summer and harvest, 200 years ago - 7/20/1822 - it really happened. However, the founder of genetics, discoverer of the basic laws of heredity, meteorologist, beekeeper and astronomer, born into a German family, was of one-quarter Czech descent, and his parents – Rosine and Anton – probably had no idea what their little son would achieve in his life. And what does it look like in the place where he lived for the first eleven years of his life today?

Mendel Museum

The museum exposition is devoted to both the life of the famous native and the local rural region in which Mendel grew up - Moravian Kravařské. For the more demanding, there are several rooms on genetics and breeding. What was it like in Johann's childhood barn, parlor or pantry? You can find out in our cozy museum. During the summer, also with a guide and, by prior agreement, with Kulihrášek. Don't miss the statue of Mendel on the ground floor and the gallery with a painted biographical comic.

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Premises for rent

The area of the birth house is quite extensive. We offer its premises for rent in order to organize various social events, conferences, celebrations, weddings, as well as childrens camps. The Great Barn, the meeting room or the entire area is available for you. Experience the atmosphere of an environment where history is applied in the future.

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How did the founders of genetics sleep? Experience it in our accommodation. We offer both single and double rooms, as well as a tourist hostel. Enjoy your stay in the beautiful surroundings of Moravské Kravařsko.

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Espresso, frgal, americano or cappuccino and cake? What about Mendel? Why not! We look forward to seeing you in the newly opened cafe.

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The birthplace of one of the greatest Czech scientists is also home to the library of the village of Vražné. It is open every Thursday from 12:00 to 17:00 and offers a large selection of diverse book titles. Of course, there are also several about Mendel.

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