Birthplace - Museum - Johann Gregor Mendel

Premises for rent

The area of the birth house is quite extensive. We offer its premises for rent in order to organize various social events, conferences, celebrations, weddings, as well as childrens camps. The Great Barn, the meeting room or the entire area is available for you. Experience the atmosphere of an environment where history is applied in the future.


Johann Gregor Mendel's birthplace offers its premises for holding romantic wedding ceremonies, including receptions, in a quiet country setting. This charming farmhouse is located in the local part of the village of Vražné in Hynčice, in the protected landscape area of Poodří. The spaces are ideal for about 80 people, but capacity can be increased to 120 people...

Dates of weddings

Wedding ceremonies are arranged by the village of Vražné in cooperation with the registry office of the Ministry of the Odra. You can arrange the dates of wedding ceremonies (and possible wedding receptions) directly in the birth house. You can find the contact below.

Practical instructions for wedding guests

You can view the places intended for the wedding ceremony in advance.

Motor vehicles are prohibited from entering the yard.

There are 2 parking lots for approx. 30 cars in the immediate vicinity of J.G. Mendel's Birthplace.

Photography and filming is allowed.

Scattering of confetti and similar decorations by wedding guests with discretion.

Hygienic facilities for visitors to the birth house are fully available to all participants of the ceremony.

Don't forget the documents needed for the marriage: identity cards, birth certificates, etc.

Relevant registry district: Odra Municipal Office

We now offer the service of a wedding coordinator as a bonus.

Price list

Premises rental (Friday - Sunday, holidays)40,000 CZK
Preparation the day before1,500 CZK
Deposit10,000 CZK

In the event of a wedding, the entire Rodné dom area is rented out. The terms of the lease are regulated by the "J.G. Mendel Premises Lease Agreement".


The birth house of Johann Gregor Mendel also offers the rental of the social hall - the Great Barn (capacity approx. 80 to 120 people) or the meeting room (capacity approx. 30 - 40 people) for organizing celebrations, gatherings, meetings, camps, adaptation courses for schools...

For further information and space rental, please contact us

Price list

Large barn9,000 CZK / day
Meeting room - auditorium1,500 CZK / day
Preparation the day before1,500 CZK

We provide rates for school tours, camps and adaptation courses on request, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fast contact

Phone: (+420) 556 730 105

Cell phone: (+420) 725 141 470